Faces of Hate

Today is Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin. It is a day for the faithful to celebrate their contributions to Texas society and to meet with their legislators on issues of importance to them.

Unfortunately, they were met with some negative and hateful voices. First, Representative Molly White instructed her staff to ask all Muslim visitors to pledge allegiance to America and its laws. Then, a protest rally took place just beyond the south steps of the Capitol. Vile chants included “Renounce sharia law!”; “Obey our constitution!”; “Muhammed is dead!” and “Go home to Saudi Arabia!”



Misleading Anti-Martinez Attacks Border on Racism; Elite Rhetoric from Adler Supporters

Stepping away from an honest debate over public policy and Austin’s future as a fast-growing city, some of Steve Adler’s supporters have resorted to shameless attacks on Mike Martinez that are unfair and uncalled for. Undertones of racism and elitism are becoming more transparent as the campaign enters the final stretch of a long election cycle.

There has been an ongoing whisper campaign discrediting Martinez’s credentials because he does not hold a bachelors degree. Unable to attack his effective leadership as a two-term councilman and as chairman of CapMetro, Adler’s supporters have defaulted to elite prejudices against those who found nontraditional paths to success.

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Adler’s supporters need to recognize that leadership and public service is manifested in people from many different walks of life. It is an elitist and privileged argument to suggest that a lack of a college degree equates to an inability to serve the public in an elected capacity.  Martinez’s record proves that it does not. Continue reading

Anonymous, Misogynic & Homemade Flyer

With just a week to go until early voting, here is a last minute appeal to get you to vote against Texas Democratic women that was mailed anonymously to offices at the Capitol. It is a gem full of misogyny and grammatical errors.

She wants to give marijuana to your children and grandchildren!

Anonymous Flyer

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Responding to FAQ and Concerns About Our Civil Disobedience

Many people have expressed some questions and concerns to me about Wednesday’s sit-in and arrests on the UT campus. I hope to address those here. Please note that these answers reflect my personal views and not necessarily the views of the other 17 students who were arrested. All photos are by Anayeli Marcos.

TexasMonitor - SitIn1

You are breaking the law and disrespecting authority.

How would Martin, Rosa, Cesar and Nelson have responded to that statement? Obviously our cause is not as great or profound as theirs, but there are still strong parallels in standing up for one’s beliefs. There is a difference between breaking the law for a malicious or negligent purpose and breaking the law as a means of expression and free speech.

I grew up my entire life learning to respect police officers and to obey the law. None of that has gone away. This was an act of civil disobedience. We were very respectful to the arresting authorities (and we had the hushed support of many officers who dealt with us that evening). Continue reading

Sit-In at UT Tower against Shared Services

UTsitin18 students from the Save Our UT Coalition have begun a sit-in in the foyer outside President Bill Powers’ office in the UT Tower. Their ask is for President Powers to withdraw support of the Shared Services.

Follow a live-stream of the sit-in here.

Tweet support using the hashtags #SaveOurUT and #DearBillPowers.

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