10 Habits of a Highly Racist University

The Daily Texan Tuesday reported two sororities hosted a “Fiesta Party” many felt encouraged and perpetuated offensive Hispanic stereotypes, primarily because the party encouraged and perpetuated offensive Hispanic stereotypes. While “Fiesta Party” alone is evidence of cultural ignorance (“fiesta party” is as redundant as “stupid Sooner”), Zeta and Tri-Delt decided to swing for the offences […]

Text Evacuation Sloppy Alerts

“Middle Eastern Accent”

The University of Texas at Austin had a bomb scare this morning. Thank God it turned out to be a hoax and that classes were cancelled for everybody. Yet, while everybody moved forward with their extended weekends, three concerns came to the forefront of many students’ minds. Why did President Powers and the administration wait […]

Beautiful day on the main mall

Be Wary of Academic Witch Hunts

The Young Conservatives of Texas are a bold, crazy and extreme right-wing bunch of kiddos. From their insulting progressive bake sales to their endorsement of TEA-sipping crazies like Ted Cruz and Dr. Donna, the YCT’s activities often find a way to upset me and, if I may dare assume, a majority of politically-aware students on campus. […]

American Flags

Please Shut Up, Governor Perry

Thanks for bringing partisan politics into a tragedy, Governor Perry. In the wake of the attacks in Benghazi that took the lives of an US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, Perry seized an opportunity to launch a rhetorical attack of his own on President Obama. In a statement released earlier today, Perry said, […]