Sadler’s Final Pitch

In the final weeks of his campaign, Sadler has gained the critical wind to become a serious candidate for the United States Senate against Tea Party extremist Ted Cruz. In his final pitch to Texas voters, Sadler is reminding them of his bipartisan record and mainstream agenda.

Major newspapers from across the Lone Star State are endorsing from newspapers across the Lone Star State. His two debate performances have boosted his social media presence and gained a lot of buzz with the press. Meanwhile, his opponent’s party is flopping with the extreme stances its candidates are promoting. Cruz has failed to distance himself from the rape comments made by Missouri’s Todd Akin and Indiana’s Richard Mourdock.

Today he launched his latest campaign commercial, “Texas Honors,” which highlights his exemplary career in the Texas Legislature while calling out Ted Cruz for his anti-Texas policy agenda.

Beyond their praise of Sadler, many Texas newspapers have some biting words for Cruz:


    Cruz also occasionally flirts with topics that are almost laughable. We appreciate that he will never apologize for wanting to protect U.S. sovereignty, freedom and property rights, but when he sides with those who fear the United Nations will take away American golf courses and roads, he’s exploiting territory best left on the paranoid fringes.”


    As we wrote about the staunch conservative before the GOP primary: “He’s more about fighting and defending and toppling than bringing people together, building coalitions or solving problems — skills that lie at the heart of good governing.

    Texas needs a senator who can govern from the middle. If elected, perhaps Cruz will end up there someday, but he’s not looking for that position at present.”


    Cruz voiced support for building a wall along the Texas-Mexico border and opposition to any citizenship plan for illegal immigrants, unrealistic policies that would be harmful to the Texas and national economy.

    Cruz also is advocating the abolishment of the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy and the Internal Revenue Service.

    The federal government undoubtedly is bloated and spending cuts are essential, but Cruz’s proposed remedies are too extreme.”

Sadler is the best choice for our state’s future in this election. Let’s hope Texans are paying attention.