UT Objectivists and “Slavery”

The UT Objectivism Society needs to learn that some words should not be used lightly in politics. While promoting an event that will “dissect” the president’s policies and governance in an email and on facebook, the student group claimed,

a vote for him is a vote for slavery!”

Obviously, this is a free country and I wholeheartedly support their freedom of speech and right to the word. I do, however, believe they should use serious discretion when invoking an institution that haunts American History — especially when referring to this country’s first African-American president.I do not object to political groups on campus advocating their views — no matter how extreme. I am simply calling out the radical and extreme language that has no place in American discourse.

Enough with the Hitler comparisons of President Obama.

Enough with the effigies of President Obama.

Enough with the distasteful name calling of President Obama.

Yes, of course Democrats are guilty of doing similar things to the other side. That does not diminish the gravity of my point: end the reckless rhetoric!


Yes, I confess to being on the UT Objectivism Society’s email list. I read and enjoyed The Fountainhead the summer before college. Obviously, I do not affirm Ayn Rand or Objectivism.