Election Protection Charlie

Voter intimidation at the polls? Not under Congressman Charlie Gonzalez’s watch!

MONDAY: The Dallas Morning News’ Wayne Slater ran into some disconcerting trouble at the polls during the Early Vote weekend. He was asked for a photo id. After a minor dispute, he voted and then wrote about it.

THURSDAY: Election Protection Charlie caught wind of this and wrote a letter of concern to the Secretary of State Hope Andrade.

FRIDAY: Andrade did her job and reminded elections officials across the state that “several acceptable forms of voter identification under state law – and none is preferable over another.”

Actually, none of that is really impressive. An elected official saw a problem and reached out the appropriate agency to have it promptly resolved.

The story here is that there voter intimidation does happen. Whether it stems from misinformation or misconduct, it needs to be taken seriously by our state government. Rather than trying to solve problems that are not there with solutions that make things worse, it should focus on meaningful ways to improve our voting system.

One thought on “Election Protection Charlie

  1. Sadly, here in Victoria, the local television anchors are advising folks to bring some of form of ID to vote. That’s all they are saying. They are not saying “If you don’t have your Voter Registration card, you’ll need some form of ID.” They are simply advising to bring the ID. I’m not sure their intent is to jack with the election–they are not that smart. This is more like their typical goofs. But it concerns me that folks might think they may need the ID, also.

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