George P. Bush: Running for Something

The Washington Post is reporting that George P. Bush, the Hispanic nephew of George W. and son of Jeb, filed a campaign treasurer appointment on Wednesday with the Texas Ethics Commission. This is a first step to running for a state office.

A co-founder of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas and a board member for the Associated Republicans of Texas, he will carry a lot of establishment support in whatever he aims for — whether it is Wendy Davis’ seat in Fort Worth or something higher.

The Bush name is not dead in Texas, nor is it lost with America. On Wednesday, TIME posted “Class of 2016: The Political Leaders to Watch.” Governor Jeb Bush of Florida was No. 3 after Hillary Clinton and Julián Castro. If George P. does run, it would not be a surprise to see the whole family stumping in Texas once again.

The Dallas Morning News also shared this tweet from Ana Navarro, John McCain’s 2008 National Hispanic co-chair,

Yes, President Obama may have dominated the Hispanic vote, but that has not discouraged Texas Republicans from their efforts to make gains with the Latino community. Unlike our Senator-elect, George P. is very active in Hispanic outreach for the Republican Party of Texas and he is not Tea Party sweetheart. He can, and will, appeal to moderates.

Democrats need to start mobilizing. By February 1, I want to see our party recruit strong candidates who are willing and able to fight every single minute until November 4, 2014. If we want to live in a purple or blue Texas, the Texas Democratic Party must not waste time in restructuring and reorganizing for the new cycle. This is the time for donors, big and small, to open their wallets and invest in the Party, its candidates, and Hispanic-oriented efforts like One Texas.


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  1. I think Senator Rubio and George P. Bush are the future of the GOP. If Democrats hope to continue to be supported by Latinos, then they will have to work hard to implement immigration reform.

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