ELECTION DAY: Student Special Interests

This stakes are high in this election for students and young people. (Actually, they are high in every election.) It is important for Texans to take time to educate themselves and understand everything that is on their ballots from the bottom-up.


Paul Sadler: A Record of Fighting for Students

This guy chaired the Texas House Committee on Public Education and overhauled the school system in Texas. He is an advocate for the DREAM Act, increased funding for our schools, preserving financial aid and not abolishing the Department of Education.


Remember, you can vote at ANY POLLING PLACE in Travis County. This includes the Flawn Academic Center and the University Co-op.

Central Health Proposition One: A Healthier Option for UT’s Future

The University of Texas at Austin would benefit greatly by adding a medical school to its scope. The growing Central Texas community would have access to additionally health care options and accessibility. This is endorsed by The Daily Texan, UT Student Government, the University Democrats and President Bill Powers.

Austin Propositions One and Two: May to November!

May elections have always had an abysmal turnout, especially among young voters. Students are distracted with final exams as they wrap up their semesters. Moving the city council elections to the general election will increase youth engagement with local politics. This is worth a longer ballot.

Austin Proposition Three: Amplifying the Student Voice

We need to overturn the status quo of at-large city council members. A strong majority of members come from the same part of town. The plan, 10 council districts and 1 mayor, would open the possibility of having a student-opportunity district. It also includes an Independent Redistricing Commission that would be required to include a student vote.

Join the University Democrats and UT Student Government in voting YES on Proposition Three. Vote NO on Proposition Four, a diluted alternative.


Pete Gallego: Defending Education, not Cutting It

In the last session of the legislature, he fought against the Republican assault on public education funding. In Congress, he will fight to secure our investment in education, unlike his opponent who has voted against Texas schoolchildren.

Pre-K 4 SA: Investing in the Future

The benefits of Pre-Kindergarten education and schooling are worth the investment. Students deserve to get a head start and San Antonio deserves to become a leading example for the rest of the country.

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