Students Needed on Austin’s Redistricting Commission and Review Panel

The process of drawing the single member districts that Austinites voted for last November is underway, and one spot on the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is reserved for a student. We certainly need a strong student voice on the commission that will draw the new city council districts so that students are represented on city council and their needs are not neglected. If you are a student who thinks this is a trivial matter, consider the proposed zoning ordinance that currently threatens both Co-operative and Greek houses, and that will be voted on by city council.

Fortunately, one spot on the 14-person commission is reserved for a current student. Unfortunately, many students interested in serving on the commission may not qualify because of past political work, and those applying to the commission will have to accept some future restrictions on their dealings with the city.

Just as importantly, students can also apply to the Review Panel that will select the 60 candidates from which at least 8 members of the redistricting commission will be selected.

I know there are plenty of students out there who are more than capable of representing Austin’s student population on the redistricting commission and the review panel. I know you are busy, but the application deadline is February 22 for both the commission and the panel. Get to it.

Apply to serve on the review panel.

Apply to serve on the redistricting commission.

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