Tax-free Textbooks in Texas?

Tax-free Textbooks in Texas?

All too often, we read about new and disappointing ways the Republican controlled Texas Legislature is attempting to grease the slippery slope towards educational inferiority. That’s why it can be a real breath of fresh air when something like this comes along. If State Representative Mary González (D-Clint) has her way, Texas college and university students will be paying less at the campus bookstore in the near future, making it more possible for young Texans to seek the degrees increasingly demanded by the modern job market.

On February 1st, H.B. 902, a bill which creates a sales tax exemption for books and periodicals used by students in pursuit of a higher education, was one of the first bills filed by the freshman legislator from east El Paso County.In a press release, Rep. Gonzalez said any financial relief that the Legislature can offer students is deserved, adding that “making textbooks tax free is just a small step we can take to help the many college students who have seen their tuition rise and financial aid slashed over the last few years.”

With the College Board estimating that the average student at a four-year public college  will spend around 1,200 dollars a year on books and supplies, Mary González deserves applause for her focus on prioritizing education and for advocating in the best interests of students. Her efforts necessitate all the support that can be given by the Texas student community (i.e. contact your state rep. and senator, go here to find out who they are).

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