Huey Rey Fischer, Editor

Huey is a Latin American studies junior hailing from Rockport, charm of the Texas coast. A lifelong Democrat, he has campaigned for numerous candidates and taken an active part in progressive organizations around the state. He currently represents the Hispanic Caucus on the State Democratic Executive Committee. He was the president of the UT University Democrats in Spring 2012. He hopes to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in Latin America upon graduation. @HueyFischer


Ainee Athar, Contributor

Alejandro Barrientos, Contributor

Alejandro is an Austin-born and Corpus Christi-raised senior studying government and sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. He developed a taste for politics when his mother ran for Justice of the Peace in Corpus Christi. Upon arriving at UT, Alejandro became involved with the University Democrats, the Make UT Sweatshop-Free Campaign, and various other organizations and campaigns. He hopes that the Monitor will serve as a forum for progressive students to voice their opinions and advance their causes as well as a tool to hold university, local, and state officials accountable to students. @Alejandro_Barr

Tracy Frydberg, Contributor

Tracy is a Middle Eastern studies and Journalism sophomore at UT. Born into a Republican household in San Antonio, TX, Tracy shocked her parents by pronouncing herself a Democrat in her early teen years. She currently serves as the Outreach Director for Texans for Israel and is a fellow with CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America). Tracy’s proudest accomplishment at UT was the creation of a Latino-Jewish Student Coalition (LJSC). Tracy spends her days drinking Starbucks coffee, showing off cute pics of her younger brothers, and clarifying that you need to be either Latino or Jewish, not both, to join the coalition. @tracyfrydberg

John Lawler, Contributor

John is an urban studies senior at The University of Texas from LaPorte, TX. He currently serves as a Precinct Chair for the Travis County Democratic Party and has a passion for renter and bicycle advocacy. @JohnALawler

Matthew Leahy, Contributor

Matthew, the current president of the University Democrats organization at UT-El Paso, got his start in politics as a 16 year old intern in Bill White’s Dallas campaign office. Since then, he has been involved with several campaigns, and as an elected member of the Texas Democratic Party platform committee, he helped write the most progressive party platform in state history. @MatthewJLeahy

Sam Naik, Contributor

Sam Naik is a Latin American studies and government senior at The University of Texas at Austin from Waco, TX.  Sam got his start in politics by voting for Al Gore in the fake election his elementary school held in 2000, and hasn’t looked back since.  He currently works for the Liberal Arts Honors program and is a translation and research intern for the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.  After graduation he hopes to work or intern for a year, then return to school for a Master’s in Latin American studies. @snaik2013

André Treiber, Contributor

André is a sociology and economics Junior at The University of Texas at Austin, and is the current University Democrats’ Communications Director. He hails from Sugar Land, charm of the Houston suburbs, a small city known for it’s former production of sugar and corrupt gerrymanderers. When he isn’t busy fist bumping presidents, André can be found canvassing for congressmen, advocating for students, and acting like an awkward pretty-boy. Which he is. @llikeafoxx