• Do not use an excessive amount of profanity or inflammatory language. Our moms stalk us on the internet.

• Do not spam. We actually aren’t interested in your all natural weight loss products.

• Do not use ad hominem attacks against other people. It simply ain’t productive.

• Do not post libelous material. We really can’t afford a lawsuit, y’all!

• Do not pretend to be somebody else and do not be anonymous. Seriously, stand by your words.

• Do not post excessive amounts of conservative, libertarian, or Republican propaganda and arguments. Actually, we don’t care if you post that stuff; just don’t be an obnoxious ass about it. This is a progressive blog for the progressive community.


We reserve the right to delete offensive comments and ban offensive users and pretend like they never even existed.

2 thoughts on “rules

  1. Not for posting! I have a question!

    Is it possible to view comments without having to get them in an RSS feed? Feeds have a way of swamping my reader and annoying me instead of helping me. (At least half the fun of reading Juanita Jean is keeping up with the comments, but they don’t stalk me….)

    If I’m just not doing this right, please let me know…



    • We aren’t exactly sure at this time. We know that there are two feeds in the sidebar that you may subscribe to: Entries RSS and Comments RSS.
      We are not yet sure how comments can be followed aside from subscribing to the RSS feeds or actively visiting the articles. We are still learning the intricacies of WordPress!