Misleading Anti-Martinez Attacks Border on Racism; Elite Rhetoric from Adler Supporters

Stepping away from an honest debate over public policy and Austin’s future as a fast-growing city, some of Steve Adler’s supporters have resorted to shameless attacks on Mike Martinez that are unfair and uncalled for. Undertones of racism and elitism are becoming more transparent as the campaign enters the final stretch of a long election […]

Lone Star Project

This “Democrat” Loves Republicans

Why is David Alameel trying to be the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator here in Texas? Alameel ran for Congress in 2012, spent an average of $1,276.78 per vote, and came in fourth place. As it turns out, Alameel has a history of wasting his money on some pretty foolish causes. Check out how this money […]

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A Good Candidate Who Bullies

Negative campaigning ain’t anything new or rare, but the race for Travis County Judge is getting unnecessarily nasty. Sarah Eckhardt and her supporters have launched a strange crusade against Andy Brown. It is a sad sight since both are great Democrats with a lot to offer our community. 5.  Mocking the Opponent — “Untested Rookie” […]


Vote Wendy. Vote Leticia. Vote Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

With Wendy and Leticia at the top of the ticket next year, things are already looking great for Texas Democrats and Hispanics. Yet, there is more! In order to raise further excitement during the 2014 Democratic Primary, the State Democratic Executive Committee is going to place referenda items on the ballot. This is pretty cool […]