Faces of Hate

Today is Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin. It is a day for the faithful to celebrate their contributions to Texas society and to meet with their legislators on issues of importance to them. Unfortunately, they were met with some negative and hateful voices. First, Representative Molly White instructed her staff to ask all Muslim visitors […]

Abbott and Obama Teamed Up Against TX Business

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s recent assertion that “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home” did not stop him from teaming up with Obama and his liberal lackey Eric Holder earlier this year in opposing free enterprise by attempting to stop a merger involving American Airlines, a company […]

Ann Richards

7 Reasons to Draft Wendy

The time to Draft Wendy for Governor has arrived. 1. Wendy now has name recognition that will bring in national dollars. The sad era of Texas Democratic dollars going out of the state is over. Wendy’s can now bring in cash from California, New York, and Florida. As long as Perry and Dewhurst continue to wage their War […]

SB5 Protest Crowd

Thank You, Texas GOP

Texas has made headlines in the past few months for nationally-funded campaigns to turn Texas blue. Some Republicans recognize this as a genuine threat, and emphasize the need for their party to stop making rape comments or offending the growing Hispanic population. Others scoff at battleground efforts and say that Democrats are just fooling themselves […]