Come and Take It, Mr. Cruz

Ted Cruz’s speech in Tampa had nice rhetoric with all of his favorite buzz words: Liberty, Freedom, and the Constitution. He wanted to share with America a “love story of freedom.”

It’s story of the brave Texians in the city of Gonzales when General Santa Anna demanded that they hand over their guns and the cannon that defended their city. They responded with the immortal cry, ‘Come and Take It!

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Texas’ Favorite Son

Today we celebrated the birth of a man who did bold things for Texas and our country. With the Democratic National Convention just a little over a week away, his allegiance and dedication the Party is topic worthy of a brief reflection.

At the 1952 State Democratic Convention, conservative good-for-nothing Governor Allan Shivers made a ruckus by not taking the party loyalty oath in support of all Democratic nominees. He organized delegates to the national convention who also refused to accept the oath. It was clear that he intended to endorse Dwight Eisenhower after the DNC when he said,

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A Legitimate Assault on Women

If you’re one of the low-income women enrolled in the Texas Women’s Health Program, chances are that you rely partly on preventative care and screening services from Planned Parenthood, as about half of the 130,000 women in the program do, according to the Texas Tribune. Well, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has a message for you: Find a new clinic. Continue reading

Judge Tom Head: “Am I gonna shoot the President? Nooo!”

It was a well-kept secret among my fellow Democrats that President Barack Obama will cede our sovereignty to the United Nations once re-elected… that is until Lubbock County Judge Tom Head caught wind of it.

Conservative Judge Head is now asking for a tax increase from the good people of Lubbock in order to increase pay for county attorneys, hire new staff at the sheriff’s office and… uh… prepare for a Second Civil War. He told Fox 34 News in Lubbock: Continue reading

Todd and Ted… What’s the difference?

A dumb quote caught on camera.

Yet, when it comes to policy, where does Todd Akin’s position differ with the Republican Party of Texas and their candidate for US Senate, Ted Cruz?

The word “abortion” appears 40 times in the 2012 Texas GOP Platform. The words “rape” and “incest” appear 0 times.

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