Judge Tom Head: “Am I gonna shoot the President? Nooo!”

It was a well-kept secret among my fellow Democrats that President Barack Obama will cede our sovereignty to the United Nations once re-elected… that is until Lubbock County Judge Tom Head caught wind of it.

Conservative Judge Head is now asking for a tax increase from the good people of Lubbock in order to increase pay for county attorneys, hire new staff at the sheriff’s office and… uh… prepare for a Second Civil War. He told Fox 34 News in Lubbock: Continue reading

Todd and Ted… What’s the difference?

A dumb quote caught on camera.

Yet, when it comes to policy, where does Todd Akin’s position differ with the Republican Party of Texas and their candidate for US Senate, Ted Cruz?

The word “abortion” appears 40 times in the 2012 Texas GOP Platform. The words “rape” and “incest” appear 0 times.

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Todd Akin and Rape Culture in America

You know you’ve messed up on a thermonuclear level when someone on your side has this to say about you,

…this response to a question about abortion and rape from Republican Senate candidate in Missouri Todd Akin is close to being the most ignorant and damaging statement I’ve ever heard a politician utter.”

That was Rick Moran, conservative pundit extraordinaire. Continue reading

Undocumented Youth Break Ground for a Progressive Texas

In 2001, fearless undocumented students told their personal stories at the Texas Capitol. The goal was to pass HB 1403, a law that would allow them to attend college while paying in-state tuition rates. Their personal stories of triumph and hardships touched even the most far-right Republican: without a dry eye in the Capitol galleries, Texas became the first state to pass such a progressive law.

Daniel Candelaria Olvera speaks to at a Right to Dream Rally in front of the LBJ Library in May. (Photo: Justin Perez)

The undocumented youth movement has since reached new heights. More than 12 states have in-state tuition laws and on June 15th, tens of thousands of undocumented students breathed a sigh of relief with their first national policy victory. By now you’re probably aware that the Obama administration has stopped the deportation of undocumented youth. Beginning August 15th, young people that arrived to the US as children can apply for deferred action—a temporary legal status that allows them work authorization and protection from deportation. Without fear of deportation, undocumented activists will be able to take their work to new heights as they advocate for the passage of the Dream Act. Continue reading

Cheap Shots!

I absolutely love it when politicians do their own tweeting. It is an authentic way for our candidates and elected officials to interact with the people. However, they are what they Tweet.

State Senator Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, tweets out a lot of pictures.

Mayor Julian Castro, D-San Antonio, tweets out exciting updates.

State Representative Raul Torres, R-Corpus Christi, tweets out cheap shots against his opponent. For example, on Wednesday he tweeted:

Guess who is missing at VA dedication ceremony? My opponent, the Senator. Where he is? Sen. Lucio is here. #txlege #rgv

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