Some Dems Must Pick Up the Social Media Slack, #justsaying

Let’s face it. We are broke. Republicans and their super PACs are going to out fundraise Texas Democrats this year. That limits our candidates’ ability to meet Texans across the state, put up yard signs, buy tv and radio ads, hire staff and so much more.

Yet, there is no excuse for our leaders to doddle around and not the fullest advantage of the free stuff: SOCIAL MEDIA. Facebook and Twitter have virtually unlimited potential and few constraints. They are powerful communications tools that allow candidates to interact with constituents in the numbers that cannot be achieved through the typical block walk, phone bank, and stump speech. Continue reading

SDEC: Focus on Fort Worth

Just a quick note, the non-urban/rural caucus will be meeting at one downstairs in the restroom… I mean the restaurant!

-Mary González, TDP Hispanic Outreach Director

The State Democratic Executive Committee met today at the Hilton Fort Worth to launch its committees and begin the groundwork for victory in November.

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Paul Ryan: Energizing Texas Democrats

Paul Ryan vs. Joe “BFD” Biden. It may be 103° outside, but I ain’t sweating.

If Texas Democrats weren’t alert and ready to win in November already, then they are now. Paul Ryan is not simply bad for our country, he is bad for our state.

Mitt Romney and his Republican Party are only making it more clear than ever that they will not work for the people. He is embracing a man who is on a mission to gut Medicare. The 2,208,690 Texans on Medicare who “were provided with at least one new free preventative service or benefit” last year must be thrilled. This guy supports making the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, while passing the burden onto the lower and middle classes. The 1 in 5 Texans living in poverty are going to love that. Continue reading

Do the Right Thing, Longhorns

Lucian Villaseñor is among 18 student protesters facing a virtual gag order after they were arrested for demanding that the University of Texas join an anti-sweatshop consortium - a reform the university president has just agreed to.


The University of Texas at Austin, the largest collegiate apparel provider in the world, has agreed to sign with the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC), a labor-rights monitoring group that works to end sweatshop conditions in the making of university apparel. We are currently affiliated with the Fair Labor Association, a fig-leaf masquerading as a watchdog institution which has done next to nothing to eliminate sweatshop labor conditions but has done much to revive the ailing image of massive corporations like Nike and Disney. The decision was the result of a nine-year campaign by student activists. Throughout negotiations with the university, administrators repeatedly insisted the matter “was closed.” Most recently, the logjam was broken by a sit-in at the office of UT President William Powers, during which 18 students were arrested. Three months later, while the majority of students are away for summer vacation, President Powers announced his decision to sign on the WRC. But this important milestone came just a few days after the 18 students arrested during the sit-in were offered a rotten plea agreement by the county attorney.

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