Student Election Candidates: Progressive or not?

TXMon - SG2014Do student elections matter? The Forty Acres is a microcosm of Texas. A diverse assembly of over 50,000 students and 24,000 faculty and staff members call this campus “home.”  The issues debated here reflect the public policy matters contested in the Capitol. The leaders we follow today are likely to be the public officeholders, or their influencers, of tomorrow. It is important to ensure that their values reflect the progressiveness of the student body — not just their concerns for toilet paper. Continue reading

A Good Candidate Who Bullies

Negative campaigning ain’t anything new or rare, but the race for Travis County Judge is getting unnecessarily nasty. Sarah Eckhardt and her supporters have launched a strange crusade against Andy Brown. It is a sad sight since both are great Democrats with a lot to offer our community.

5.  Mocking the Opponent — “Untested Rookie”

TXMon - FreshIdeasMockery

The mudslinging against Brown is straight-up mean. One supporter made fun of his tagline, while she recently sent out a mail piece dismissing Brown as an “untested rookie.”

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Vote Wendy. Vote Leticia. Vote Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

With Wendy and Leticia at the top of the ticket next year, things are already looking great for Texas Democrats and Hispanics. Yet, there is more! In order to raise further excitement during the 2014 Democratic Primary, the State Democratic Executive Committee is going to place referenda items on the ballot. This is pretty cool because it allows Democratic voters to affirm our values and increases participation in the Primary. There are two proposed items that I am pretty excited about:
#9 ON IMMIGRATION REFORM The United States Congress must pass immigration reform; including an earned path to citizenship for those individuals contributing to the economy and the dependents of those individuals. Continue reading

4 Easy Ways To Be A Part of #TeamWendy

The next Governor of Texas can’t take over the mansion alone. She’s gonna need all hands on deck, y’all. Here are four easy ways to be part of the effort.

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis announces her candidacy for Texas Governor. (Photo credit: Justin W. Perez)

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis announces her candidacy for Texas Governor. (Photo credit: Justin W. Perez)

4. Post it. Tweet it. Pin it. Love it.

Share this video. It’s pretty cool.

3. Join a Local Dem Club

Photo courtesy: University Democrats

Make some new friends. Find a chapter near you: Tejano Democrats, Mexican American Democrats, Texas College Democrats, Texas Young Democrats, Texas Democratic Women, Texas Stonewall Democrats and Battleground Texas

2. Sign Up to Volunteer


Elections don’t win themselves… and it’s gonna take more than attending Wendy rallies. Sign up.

1. #GiveToWendy

GiveToWendy w/ Quote

Do it now. Do it before midnight today. Abbott has been raising money for years, so we are gonna need to fill in the gap in order to be competitive this cycle. Consider it an investment in Texas’ future and, more importantly, your future.


Abbott and Obama Teamed Up Against TX Business

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s recent assertion that “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home” did not stop him from teaming up with Obama and his liberal lackey Eric Holder earlier this year in opposing free enterprise by attempting to stop a merger involving American Airlines, a company that is headquartered in Fort Worth and employs tens of thousands of Texans.

Had Abbott and Obama succeeded in stifling private business, many Texans may have lost their jobs.

Where else are Obama and Abbott on the same team? Does Abbott support the overbearing and socialist Obamacare law?

Abbott says he sued Obama’s federal government 25 times, but admits defeat in eight cases. He claims to have five “wins”, but 5-25 is nowhere near the winning record that Texans deserve. Abbott also owned up to simply dismissing four cases. Real Texans do not give into Obama’s overreaches. Considering that Antonin Scalia and other strong conservatives lead the Supreme Court, Abbott’s losing record against Obama is appalling.

Is Abbott even trying?

How can Abbott ask Texas voters to support him while he abandons Texans in their fight for freedom against Obama?