10 Reasons Why Lundgate Is Indicative Of A Much Bigger Problem

Our former Student Government President has been all over the news lately, from HuffPost to The Daily Texan to The Daily Mail (UK) for an epic rant of mansplaining that rivals even that infamously profane Delta Gamma email. What these articles have in common is that everyone, UT students included, feels comfortable with consolidating a huge issue affecting our campus and women overall into a superficial, easy-to-read, Thor-hating package. The fact that everyone is so willing to submit one individual to overwhelming online ridicule is eye-opening, to say the least. An opportunity to seriously shed light on how sexism affects the success and safety of women on our campus is being overlooked in favor of mocking Thor’s hideous sweater.

Why are we so eager to destroy one student’s reputation, and so hesitant to start a dialogue on how his views are reflective of so many on our campus? Does it make us uncomfortable to discuss how Thor’s allegedly satirical musings are the basis for gender discrimination and inequality? Or is it just easier to spread virally and rack up views when you write a Buzzfeed-esque list of reasons to hate a former student leader? If quirky lists are the only palatable form of journalism these days, then I present to you ten of the most concerning elements of the Lundgate debacle:


10. Don’t Ask for Permission, Brah


It’s about time we stand up and say that these words strike actual fear in the hearts of women who read or hear them. The fact that a prominent student leader thinks it’s okay to say things like this tells us that rape culture is alive and well both on our campus and in our society.  Continue reading

7 Reasons to Draft Wendy

The time to Draft Wendy for Governor has arrived.

1. Wendy now has name recognition that will bring in national dollars.

Wendy on CNN

The sad era of Texas Democratic dollars going out of the state is over. Wendy’s can now bring in cash from California, New York, and Florida. As long as Perry and Dewhurst continue to wage their War on Women, her name recognition will grow. Continue reading

Thank You, Texas GOP

SB5 Protest CrowdTexas has made headlines in the past few months for nationally-funded campaigns to turn Texas blue. Some Republicans recognize this as a genuine threat, and emphasize the need for their party to stop making rape comments or offending the growing Hispanic population. Others scoff at battleground efforts and say that Democrats are just fooling themselves in the state with the largest number of red electoral votes. These were all speculations. But that is all about to change.

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Of Work and West Campus

A map published by the Workers Defense Project, a collective of organizers and laborers advocating for low-wage workers, shows the meteoric growth of Austin. Dimpled across downtown are dozens of construction sites and half-finished high rises. The city’s population grew 37% in 2010 and shows no sign of stopping. As of March 2013, Austin was still the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. A crowded future is on the horizon— brimming with new jobs and fresh faces.

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