Abbott and Obama Teamed Up Against TX Business

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s recent assertion that “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home” did not stop him from teaming up with Obama and his liberal lackey Eric Holder earlier this year in opposing free enterprise by attempting to stop a merger involving American Airlines, a company that is headquartered in Fort Worth and employs tens of thousands of Texans.

Had Abbott and Obama succeeded in stifling private business, many Texans may have lost their jobs.

Where else are Obama and Abbott on the same team? Does Abbott support the overbearing and socialist Obamacare law?

Abbott says he sued Obama’s federal government 25 times, but admits defeat in eight cases. He claims to have five “wins”, but 5-25 is nowhere near the winning record that Texans deserve. Abbott also owned up to simply dismissing four cases. Real Texans do not give into Obama’s overreaches. Considering that Antonin Scalia and other strong conservatives lead the Supreme Court, Abbott’s losing record against Obama is appalling.

Is Abbott even trying?

How can Abbott ask Texas voters to support him while he abandons Texans in their fight for freedom against Obama?

OPEN LETTER TO TEJANAS: 5 Reasons You Should Run with Wendy

Dear wise Texas Latina,TexasMonitor - RunningMate

I hope you are as excited as I am about Wendy’s fight to take back the Governor’s Mansion. She has the energy, reputation and talent to take our state back and guide it into a new era of progressive leadership for Texas families.

In order to win, however, Wendy will need a full ticket from Justice of the Peace to US Senator. Talented candidates don’t grow on trees, y’all. If you have ever even flirted with the fantasy of running for public office, now is the time to give it serious thought. Here’s are five reasons why I’m right.

Wendy Go Far Quote

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8 Undeniable Reasons Why Austin Needs Celia

Celia Israel is the overqualified and hyper-energetic Latina running to replace former State Representative Mark Strama in the House District 50 Special Election. She is kinda weird, but that is what makes her perfect for Austin.

8. She knows Austin better than the back of her hand.

Celia School Year

Celia owns a small business in Austin that specializes in community affairs and real estate. She is an incredible resource who can tell you anything from where the best, cheap breakfast tacos are to which elected official or government agency can best help you with such-and-such problem. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Lundgate Is Indicative Of A Much Bigger Problem

Our former Student Government President has been all over the news lately, from HuffPost to The Daily Texan to The Daily Mail (UK) for an epic rant of mansplaining that rivals even that infamously profane Delta Gamma email. What these articles have in common is that everyone, UT students included, feels comfortable with consolidating a huge issue affecting our campus and women overall into a superficial, easy-to-read, Thor-hating package. The fact that everyone is so willing to submit one individual to overwhelming online ridicule is eye-opening, to say the least. An opportunity to seriously shed light on how sexism affects the success and safety of women on our campus is being overlooked in favor of mocking Thor’s hideous sweater.

Why are we so eager to destroy one student’s reputation, and so hesitant to start a dialogue on how his views are reflective of so many on our campus? Does it make us uncomfortable to discuss how Thor’s allegedly satirical musings are the basis for gender discrimination and inequality? Or is it just easier to spread virally and rack up views when you write a Buzzfeed-esque list of reasons to hate a former student leader? If quirky lists are the only palatable form of journalism these days, then I present to you ten of the most concerning elements of the Lundgate debacle:


10. Don’t Ask for Permission, Brah


It’s about time we stand up and say that these words strike actual fear in the hearts of women who read or hear them. The fact that a prominent student leader thinks it’s okay to say things like this tells us that rape culture is alive and well both on our campus and in our society.  Continue reading

7 Reasons to Draft Wendy

The time to Draft Wendy for Governor has arrived.

1. Wendy now has name recognition that will bring in national dollars.

Wendy on CNN

The sad era of Texas Democratic dollars going out of the state is over. Wendy’s can now bring in cash from California, New York, and Florida. As long as Perry and Dewhurst continue to wage their War on Women, her name recognition will grow. Continue reading