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A Good Candidate Who Bullies

Negative campaigning ain’t anything new or rare, but the race for Travis County Judge is getting unnecessarily nasty. Sarah Eckhardt and her supporters have launched a strange crusade against Andy Brown. It is a sad sight since both are great Democrats with a lot to offer our community. 5.  Mocking the Opponent — “Untested Rookie” […]

Students Needed on Austin’s Redistricting Commission and Review Panel

The process of drawing the single member districts that Austinites voted for last November is underway, and one spot on the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is reserved for a student. We certainly need a strong student voice on the commission that will draw the new city council districts so that students are represented on city […]


The Political Climate on Campus

The numbers used in the following post are all provided by a study designed and executed by me in the Fall of 2011. The abstract for that study is as follows: The purpose of this research was to study the link between Religion and Politics among undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. […]

Beautiful day on the main mall

Save Our Springs: 20 Years Later, Reflections From a 22 Year Old

This week, many Austinites will be celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the Save Our Springs movement. The movement, which many affectionately reference as a major turning point in Austin’s political history, was born out of Austin’s long tenured anti-development sentiment and blossomed into a community-wide push for environmentally sensitive development. It conquered the daunting […]