Abbott and Obama Teamed Up Against TX Business

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s recent assertion that “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home” did not stop him from teaming up with Obama and his liberal lackey Eric Holder earlier this year in opposing free enterprise by attempting to stop a merger involving American Airlines, a company […]

SB5 Protest Crowd

Thank You, Texas GOP

Texas has made headlines in the past few months for nationally-funded campaigns to turn Texas blue. Some Republicans recognize this as a genuine threat, and emphasize the need for their party to stop making rape comments or offending the growing Hispanic population. Others scoff at battleground efforts and say that Democrats are just fooling themselves […]


UDems Elections for Spring 2013

  On Wednesday, the University Democrats will conduct its officer elections for spring 2013. These are important because UDems will play an important advocacy role on behalf of students and young people next semester. Nominees in contested races were asked to submit candidacy statements to The Texas Monitor.

UT Objectivism Society

UT Objectivists and “Slavery”

The UT Objectivism Society needs to learn that some words should not be used lightly in politics. While promoting an event that will “dissect” the president’s policies and governance in an email• and on facebook, the student group claimed, a vote for him is a vote for slavery!” Obviously, this is a free country and […]