Lone Star Project

This “Democrat” Loves Republicans

Why is David Alameel trying to be the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator here in Texas? Alameel ran for Congress in 2012, spent an average of $1,276.78 per vote, and came in fourth place. As it turns out, Alameel has a history of wasting his money on some pretty foolish causes. Check out how this money […]

Abbott and Obama Teamed Up Against TX Business

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s recent assertion that “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home” did not stop him from teaming up with Obama and his liberal lackey Eric Holder earlier this year in opposing free enterprise by attempting to stop a merger involving American Airlines, a company […]

Democratic Candidates in San Antonio 2012

What’s Your Democratic Dream Ticket 2014?

The Texas Democratic Party’s Executive Committee (SDEC) will be meeting informally on December 8, 2012 to discuss and outline a game plan for the 2014 election cycle. In addition to fundraising and strategic goals for each region, early candidate recruitment is going to be essential if Democrats hope to find a viable path towards victory. […]

Gregg Abbott's Letter

Abbott’s Lack of Southern Hospitality

Remember Judge Head’s fears of a UN invasion on Texas soil? He is pushing for a tax increase in Lubbock County in order to adequately fund and reinforce local law enforcement. Well, the West Texas leader is no longer alone in his preparations for threats to our state and national sovereignty. Attorney General Greg Abbott […]

Michele Petty SDEC

Don’t Be Petty about Petty, DMN

Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News endorsed Nathan Hecht for anothersix years on an already all-Republican court. When compared to Michele Petty thought, Hecht’s editorial win just does not seem to add up. The pro-Hecht justifications? His knows something about school funding, supports access for the poor, and brings “intellectual clarity.” Well, the New York Times […]