Vote Wendy. Vote Leticia. Vote Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

With Wendy and Leticia at the top of the ticket next year, things are already looking great for Texas Democrats and Hispanics. Yet, there is more! In order to raise further excitement during the 2014 Democratic Primary, the State Democratic Executive Committee is going to place referenda items on the ballot. This is pretty cool […]

Daniel Candelaria Olvera speaks to at a Right to Dream Rally in front of the LBJ Library in May. (Photo: Justin Perez)

Undocumented Youth Break Ground for a Progressive Texas

In 2001, fearless undocumented students told their personal stories at the Texas Capitol. The goal was to pass HB 1403, a law that would allow them to attend college while paying in-state tuition rates. Their personal stories of triumph and hardships touched even the most far-right Republican: without a dry eye in the Capitol galleries, […]