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ELECTION DAY: Student Special Interests

This stakes are high in this election for students and young people. (Actually, they are high in every election.) It is important for Texans to take time to educate themselves and understand everything that is on their ballots from the bottom-up.

anti-gallego mailer

Canseco’s Cheap Crusade

Francisco “Quico” Canseco has run a pretty desperate campaign this election cycle. First, he tries to smear his opponent, Rep. Pete Gallego, as an extreme abortion proponent. Then, the conservative Congressional Leadership Fund SuperPAC released “Look,” a sleazy video that paints Gallego as a tax-raising* liberal. Now, Canseco has reached a low point in this […]

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Some Dems Must Pick Up the Social Media Slack, #justsaying

Let’s face it. We are broke. Republicans and their super PACs are going to out fundraise Texas Democrats this year. That limits our candidates’ ability to meet Texans across the state, put up yard signs, buy tv and radio ads, hire staff and so much more. Yet, there is no excuse for our leaders to […]