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Tax-free Textbooks in Texas?

All too often, we read about new and disappointing ways the Republican controlled Texas Legislature is attempting to grease the slippery slope towards educational inferiority. That’s why it can be a real breath of fresh air when something like this comes along. If State Representative Mary González (D-Clint) has her way, Texas college and university […]

Shake Up in the TX Senate Educational Committee

At 5:30 in the evening last Friday, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst released Texas Senate Committee assignments and some bad news to those hoping that the legislature might find a way to fund Texas public schools. Democrats lost influence in the Education Committee. They held four of nine positions in the committee in the 82nd legislature; […]

Election Day Vote Stickers

ELECTION DAY: Student Special Interests

This stakes are high in this election for students and young people. (Actually, they are high in every election.) It is important for Texans to take time to educate themselves and understand everything that is on their ballots from the bottom-up.


Early Attack on Education in Texas Senate

What is Lt. Governor David Dewhurst trying to prove? The man lost a bitter primary after failing to out-crazy Ted Cruz. Smeared as an over-compromising moderate, he ended the race with his tail between the legs. Now, back to work in the Texas Senate, he is unleashing his fury… on students. This morning, the it was […]