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George P. Bush: Running for Something

The Washington Post is reporting that George P. Bush, the Hispanic nephew of George W. and son of Jeb, filed a campaign treasurer appointment on Wednesday with the Texas Ethics Commission. This is a first step to running for a state office. A co-founder of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas and a board member for […]

Todd and Ted… What’s the difference?

A dumb quote caught on camera. Yet, when it comes to policy, where does Todd Akin’s position differ with the Republican Party of Texas and their candidate for US Senate, Ted Cruz? The word “abortion” appears 40 times in the 2012 Texas GOP Platform. The words “rape” and “incest” appear 0 times.

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Some Dems Must Pick Up the Social Media Slack, #justsaying

Let’s face it. We are broke. Republicans and their super PACs are going to out fundraise Texas Democrats this year. That limits our candidates’ ability to meet Texans across the state, put up yard signs, buy tv and radio ads, hire staff and so much more. Yet, there is no excuse for our leaders to […]

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Texas Fight

Although he probably could have spent more time looking at the camera, President Bill Powers makes me proud to attend The University of Texas. A diverse student body is essential to maintaining a quality well-rounded environment for learning and experiencing new things at college. According to the brief submitted by UT on Monday, UT has […]

Tambien no debes andar en el Twitter con esta chusma.

No Te Juntes con esta Chusma

This morning the Republican Party of Texas announced the appointment of George P. Bush, son of Jeb, nephew of W., and grandson of Grandpa, as their new Deputy Finance Director. Unlike his uncle, this guy is young, smart, and… Hispanic. Last week, we witnessed the nomination of Ted Cruz for US Senate and approval of JM […]