George Prescott Garnica Bush

George P. Bush: Running for Something

The Washington Post is reporting that George P. Bush, the Hispanic nephew of George W. and son of Jeb, filed a campaign treasurer appointment on Wednesday with the Texas Ethics Commission. This is a first step to running for a state office. A co-founder of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas and a board member for […]

Julián Castro

Stop Flirting with Texas, Julián

Make a move already, Mayor Castro. Texas wants you. The time to start thinking about 2014 ain’t in 2014; it is today! You are a national player. You have been an active fighter for the Texas Democratic Party. You are pushing and advocating for innovative programs. Heck, you even have more Twitter followers than Ted […]

Paul Sadler with Crowd

Sadler’s Final Pitch

In the final weeks of his campaign, Sadler has gained the critical wind to become a serious candidate for the United States Senate against Tea Party extremist Ted Cruz. In his final pitch to Texas voters, Sadler is reminding them of his bipartisan record and mainstream agenda. Major newspapers from across the Lone Star State are […]


Early Attack on Education in Texas Senate

What is Lt. Governor David Dewhurst trying to prove? The man lost a bitter primary after failing to out-crazy Ted Cruz. Smeared as an over-compromising moderate, he ended the race with his tail between the legs. Now, back to work in the Texas Senate, he is unleashing his fury… on students. This morning, the it was […]