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Don’t Bother with the National Association of Scholars

A lot of column space in The Daily Texan has lately been devoted to the National Association of Scholars and their report denouncing UT’s (and A&M’s) U.S. history courses for focusing too much on gender, race, and class. Thankfully most of it has been challenging the report, but the way the paper (and even some […]


UDems Elections for Spring 2013

  On Wednesday, the University Democrats will conduct its officer elections for spring 2013. These are important because UDems will play an important advocacy role on behalf of students and young people next semester. Nominees in contested races were asked to submit candidacy statements to The Texas Monitor.

Election Day Vote Stickers

ELECTION DAY: Student Special Interests

This stakes are high in this election for students and young people. (Actually, they are high in every election.) It is important for Texans to take time to educate themselves and understand everything that is on their ballots from the bottom-up.

UT Objectivism Society

UT Objectivists and “Slavery”

The UT Objectivism Society needs to learn that some words should not be used lightly in politics. While promoting an event that will “dissect” the president’s policies and governance in an email• and on facebook, the student group claimed, a vote for him is a vote for slavery!” Obviously, this is a free country and […]